Why We Homestead (10th anniversary)

How fitting on my tenth blogging anniversary, that I would sit down with my cup of coffee to write why I am returning to homesteading with a fervency and peace I haven’t had in awhile. I entered a space of wondering why I do the things I do. I grew weary and older and wondered if purchasing all our food from the store instead of fighting squash bugs and grasshoppers at every turn would be wonderful. Maybe using all electricity instead of the wood stove, and hauling in heavy pieces of wood. I wondered about my paths as an herbalist, as a business owner, as myself. I stepped away from it all to see clearly.

When I closed my shop, we went from doubled our income right back to one income and things have been really tight around here. For months, I lamented to anyone who would listen how much I despised home canned food, and gardening, and how I think I’d rather be rich and be a sommelier and have a housekeeper and get my food from the store. Maybe grow roses. I laugh to myself now as I open multiple jars every night for our meals. Thank goodness, I put so much food up a few years ago. My son was really tight on cash after moving this month and I filled a bag with jars of homemade broth, vegetables, and fresh fruit. I thought I could just go to the store anytime and get food, but what if the shelves are empty and what if I don’t have the money all of a sudden? We put up food when we can so we have it. That is why we homestead.

I get up in the morning and turn on the Christmas tree. In the lovely glow of yuletide lights, I start the fire in the wood stove instead of turning on the dusty furnace. The fire gives off a more even heat and I can put a kettle of water on it or a pot of something to eat. I bring in the wood and carefully stack it by the piano. Fill the bucket of kindling. Watch with wonder as the flames dance and the kitties gather around it to sleep.

The smell of bread baking, the feel of fresh pasta in my hands, watching the ducks swim, and the goats play, the chickens run in the wind, and the turkeys waiting for attention. I love it all. The views, the she-shed in my garden where I sew and weave and make herbal remedies and paint and mend my granddaughter’s well loved stuffed animal. I need new aprons and all my long skirts have worn out. I will sew some new ones. I will plan for next year’s garden. I will admire my shelves of home canned food. I will handmake Christmas presents. I will weave shawls. I will read by oil lamp and enjoy the warmth of our border collie curled up on the couch with me.

So much has changed since I penned that first article on Farmgirl School. But my heart is just as glad as that first post. I love this lifestyle. There is so much peace and health within it. That is why we homestead.

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  1. So enormously chuffed to bits that you are writing your blog again and I am looking forward to reading with pleasure about all the pets, the garden, the trials and tribulations that are a homesteaders life whether in rural norfolk in England or in the great state of Colorado! You got your mojo back! Woohoo!

  2. Stephanie says:

    So glad that we homesteaders can relate. It is a lot of work, but the work is well worth it!

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Yes, I figure everything is work, but this work provides such a sense of freedom and peace!

      1. BlessedMamaHomestead says:

        That is true! I’ve had to remind myself over the years that work is not a bad thing! I like this Bible verse as a reminder to myself.

        “In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury.”
        Proverbs 14:23

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