The Handwritten Card

Walking to the mailbox, the mountains in the distance, the air cool but bright with winter magic, I pull the lid down to see what is inside. Will there be a letter or Christmas card? The smile that comes across one’s face when they see that they have received an envelope that is not junk mail nor a bill! To know that one is thought of fondly. That someone took time out of their busy day to send a greeting is indeed one of the most wonderful feelings and one of the great joys of a simple life.

This blog has brought me some delightful friendships that became years of letters and joy. I love purchasing new stationary or creative cards, or creating my own with watercolors. To choose the prettiest stamps and write out their address in fine script, place it in my apron pocket to put in the mailbox. Pull up the flag, hope for a return response.

Writing Christmas cards is another thing that is fading some. The older generations seem to have stopped writing and my own age group seems to have never begun the tradition! The younger generations seem to be getting into the spirit. In an age of electronic response, electronic work, electronic everything, a secret society of us know the joys and power of the handwritten tome and card. I do hope you will join us.

If you care to correspond, or just send a card, here is my address. I look forward to hearing from you!

Mrs. Katie Sanders

790 9th St

Penrose, CO 81240

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