10 Years a Farmgirl

Ten years ago, this week, I found an article about something called a blog. I fell in love with blogging! Farmgirl School has chronicled our life becoming farmers and homesteaders. We knew nothing when we started and the blog became a diary of sorts as we learned, lost, gained, changed directions, came back. It became a book! The friends around the world I have met along the way through the screen and the comradery of other bloggers is so much fun! I was away for a bit but here I am back at the blog I started a crisp, autumnal day back in 2012. We still thrive off of living this lifestyle and love to share it.

I do hope some of you are still out there. I hope you’ll grab a cup of coffee and join me once again as we go to Farmgirl School! I still have lots to learn!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Yay, was just going to email you so glad you’re back 😊

    1. Hope you have gotten a hold of that baby! xoxo

  2. Still following, always enjoy reading your blog, hope life is treating you well. X

    1. I love following yours too!

  3. citrinerising67 says:

    What beautiful timing…I was just thinking about you the other day wrapping my beautiful hand made shawl you made for me around my body. I’m not active in facebook anymore, so it’s going to be so nice to here of all the goings on there in Pumpkin Holler! Welcome back, and thanks again for the invite! Big Hugs, Katie

    1. My friend, I hope you are well and I hope everything is great on your homestead!

  4. Jona Thorn says:

    Still following you as we grow as homesteaders and women of the land.

    1. Learning and growing! Hoping to see your homestead this year.

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