Cherokee, Alabama

I know I have not taken you to Alabama with me, as I said I would. I entered another world and suddenly I had no desire to hear clicking keys that might take me away from this place. I am rooted here somehow. As rooted as the hundred foot trees. Entrenched into the shoreline like shells and sand, filtering blessed water through my being. As if I know this place- the rivers, the foliage, the calls of Cardinals. As if I had been here, or my ancestors, or perhaps I am new here after all, saturated and mesmerized by the beauty and whispers of the forest.

The colors are more vibrant against backdrops of verdant green, and the sweet rain and faraway train encapsulate me so that I no longer desire to leave this dream or be gone from the banks of the Tennessee.


  1. This looks amazing! Enjoy every minute. We are on way home, away from dry and arid and now in France near Poitiers, green here too!

  2. I don’t recall, not unusual for me now, that you were moving to Alabama !
    glad you are connected. Hope all is well there and you have your husband, grandkids and girls?
    I am in West Lakewood
    at a 55 and up apartment very little nature here
    I walk I hear birds at a tiny park. The foothills are pretty. I miss the wildlife and Elizabeth but not the snow. Sending you hugs and love.

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