Alabama Bound and an Art Website

Good morning, friends. The house smells of coffee and through the windows the sun is shining against the mountains. The kittens are perched close to the ground near the glass screen door hunting a mourning dove the same size as they. I am putting together my list of things to do before a long trip. Our friend arrives tomorrow to stay at our house whilst we go travel across six states in thirteen days. We are staying the majority of it in Alabama so I will be reporting to you from there. I do love taking my readers on field trips. Gosh, over the years I’ve taken you to drink wine in Sonoma, visited an olive farm in Arizona, lots of trips to New Mexico. We haven’t ventured much out of the west so off we go to see what’s going on in the south. Thus far, we know we are going to Rattlesnake Saloon, seeing a local play, listening in on a jam session where we are staying at our friend’s house, and going to hear Little Richard’s guitarist. We will be surrounded by the arts. Then off to the south of Alabama to see more friends, visit the beach and enjoy a bit more warmth. From there, we’ll drive through Texas. Hope you can grab a drink and join me through the magical world of computers. My husband is rather excited to be away from his for a few weeks!

In another bit of exciting news, I have a sneak peek at my new art website for you! Since completing the illuminating book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron last autumn, so much has transpired. The best thing that has come from it is my morning pages. A habit in which one writes at least three pages every morning. It settles the mind, I find, and is part prayer, plan, therapy, and inspiration. It gets all the worries and wonders out on the pages and let’s you move forward into your day clear and filled with joy. I have now officially retired from my career and am pursuing art full time with the support of my husband. The next step was a website. I hope you will look through it and give me your thoughts.

Okay y’all, pack your bags, we are heading to Sweet Home Alabama tomorrow!


  1. Happy trails and a safe travels! I’m excited about the trip, too. Be sure to bring home some sand from that magical shoreline.
    Big hugs and bright blessings 🌞

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