Every Day is a Good Day

The sun shining through the window warm on my skin.

I hear the turkey greet the morning, the rooster too.

The sound of the drip, drip, breathe…drip, drip, breathe of the coffee pot percolating.

The cool feel of ceramic on my lips as I taste the earthy brew of black coffee.

An orange kitten purring on my lap.

The feel of the pen in my fingers as I write my morning pages.

The riot of sounds bursting from trees along the trail during our walk as the birds embrace the day.

A September blue sky in April.

The sound of the river splashing over rocks as it dances downstream.

The feel of yarn between my fingers as I move the shuttle through the shed on the loom.

Watching as simple skeins of yarn become fashionable attire dressing my mannequin.

The sight of my grandson’s smile. The sound of my granddaughter asking her Pa if she is adorable. The feel of my granddaughter’s pre-teen hug. So tight, my heart swells.


The addicting taste of spices in our food.

Relishing a taste of great red wine.

My hand swallowed up in my husband’s hand.

The feel of hot mineral water on a cool day. The steam rising from the volcanic waters.

The smell of an aromatic rose in full bloom.

The sun going down behind the mountains, shooting wild paint colors across the western sky.

You know, I am either living in the past, or riding the wave of uncertainty about the future. Dreaming up new beginnings or mourning losses from yesterday. I am often in my head and rarely in the moment. Not unusual for most of us. I know this; when we notice and indulge our senses- smell, feel, sight, hear, taste- we are instantly present. We are human. We are indulging in what makes us feel alive and here. A tough situation can be eased by crocheting or hearing a friend’s voice. A prayer is more powerful walking through a canopy of trees. Answers seem to come as we methodically do work. Joy becomes all consuming as we hear our loved ones, eat our favorite food, enjoy our favorite drinks, see beauty in the details, and feel textures all around us. A cat’s soft fur, the feel of our children’s hair. Life is all around us. Every day is a good day.


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