Oh, How I Wish I Had a Typewriter!

If record players could make a resurgence, it seems to me that typewriters should as well. I know, I know, why would one type on a typewriter when everything ends up on a computer? Oh, I do want a typewriter though.

I received my first typewriter for my sixth birthday. I fell in love immediately with the gentle click, click, click of the keys and the whirring sound of words written across the page and the satisfying ding of the carriage return. Tomorrow is my birthday once again and I so wish for the same gift as when I was six. But alas, forty-three years later, I don’t think type writers are making a comeback anytime soon.

Photo by CARYN MORGAN on Pexels.com

If I had a typewriter, I would write out notes that accompany my shawls. I would type out letters, smudged with white-out, and filled with charm. I would write poetry and transcribe it with each flying letter smacking the paper wrapped around the carriage.

Did you ever use a typewriter? Did you ever think we would not be using typewriters?! I remember so fondly sitting in my grandma’s office typing out my made-up stories and first poems on her word processor. I took a typing class in high school and could type sixty words a minute! The day I gave away my typewriter, because the tape was no longer being made for it, is as clear to me now as the day I let it go. I imagine the click, click, click as I type on my Surface. Not quite the same, I must say.

What contraption do you miss?

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