The Decorating Folder

Twenty years of design ideas are held within this notebook and folder. I love sifting through the pages to find the right look, right color, right inspiration to redo a room or corner or garden.

The decorating bug hit me early on. My mother was an avid re-arranger of furniture and I loved how just simply moving the furniture could transform a room into something new and fresh. When I was old enough, around twelve years old, my best friend, Susan, and I would walk the south Broadway strip by my house and antique shop. Mostly, window shopping, but that first piece I bought with my babysitting money- a Coca-Cola tray- sparked a great love of decorating as I changed the accent colors and look of my basement bedroom.

It is expected for at least one person to mention as they enter our home that everything is different. It most certainly is. There are unending ways to change the look of a space, and give a fresh perspective to a home.

In my decades worth of magazine clippings and design ideas, I have a decorating plan for every type of house and style. I walk into houses and buildings and instantly see which paint colors, furniture arrangement, and artwork could bring out the best in the space. I love it. It fuels me. I kind of wish I had gone into design when I was a young person.

My house needs a fresh look. If we were rich, I would probably buy a house every few years just to decorate it! What does my boxy, dark, set in the high desert of southern Colorado want? What does it need to look its most stunning? What feelings do I want to invoke? What is each room primarily used for? I want to invoke a look that is peaceful, fun, welcoming, cozy, artistic, with an emphasis on cooking great meals and reading great books. I am also an expert on using what I have, the power of paint, and feeling what the house needs. As my life changes, my designs change. My house takes on different looks and offers different aspects based on our lifestyle.

I think an accent wall is in order. More emphasis on entertaining, less on clutter. Bold desert colors accenting white, black, and leather, to play off the outdoors. Space for my antiques and books, with a clean, California Desert style.

Don’t underestimate the power of a well decorated home! Besides vision boards, you can clip magazine pictures and jot down ideas and colors, and keep them in a spiral notebook stapled to the pages, or in a folder. Don’t throw out old looks, because they may take on a new appeal in a different house. Each house tells a story. Each piece of land has its own too. And you have your own story to share. Your house or apartment should reflect your personality and welcome people in seamlessly and beautifully. By keeping a design folder, you can access ideas quickly and keep inspired.

This was in my fortune cookie a few months ago!

Happy New Year decorating!

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