Encanto Sanctuary

Last January, we had an idea. An amazing, wonderful idea! We would start an animal sanctuary. Within two weeks, Encanto Sanctuary; Farm Animal Sanctuary and Learning Homestead had its 501(c)(3) charitable status, a donated logo, and a passion behind it that would push it forward.

It started out strong, lots of support and a fair amount of donations came in, along with animals needing rescue. Like, Oscar the Grouch, the rooster that had been running the streets and alleyways of the next town over, until someone finally caught him. His frost bitten comb and soft demeaner made him look sad. He was sitting in the back seat like a baby in the rescuer’s car. We fed him, cared for him, and then one day- quite comfortable with his surroundings- decided he was the boss and the guard. He now lives in Azkaban, a ten by ten by six fortress. One day, while throwing straw over to him, a glove accidentally flew in with the it. The glove is his now! Even though he has decided all humans are the enemy, he loves the animals that surround him. He talks to them, would protect them, and he has a right to live just the same as a grumpy human!

Monkey was raised from birth in the house and used to scream if he couldn’t see me. I was pretty certain he was going to live in the house forever but he soon decided he was a duck and fell into the pack of male ducks pretty quickly.

Popcorn. Oh, my goodness, we all love Popcorn. He was the guest of honor at Thanksgiving this year. He leans in for a hug when my son comes to visit. He loves Andy. Popcorn follows me all around the garden. He barks at the mailman, the trash truck, and any truck that drives by with a dog in it. He barks right along with our farm dog, Prairie, and our neighbor dog. He is gentle and sweet and if you look in his eyes, you see a soul.

We can tell identical chickens apart just from their personalities. The turkey girls announce that they are awake in the morning with the prettiest songs. The goats long for attention and cuddles, when they are not trying to get into trouble. They are smart!

Our farm dog is half Pyrenees, half Border Collie, but has settled on guarding the housecats from the sofa. She is a guard, a lover, a herder, but mostly a couch potato, unlike her predecessor, Gandalf.

Our home is filled with joy and magic, and we love being surrounded by animals. Even in the sad moments, like the other day when the female ducks alerted us that our sweet white duck, Sandia, had died during the Arctic blast that hit here for three days. Donations completely stopped. Folks were just interested in dropping off animals, rather than supporting our work. We have been struggling to get enough money to feed everyone. But, we always find a way with Doug’s paycheck to cover all our expenses and live as modestly as possible to make it. We feel this work is so important. A place where animals can live in peace, live their best life. A place where I can teach homesteading, gardening, and canning classes. A place where the public can visit and enjoy a get-together in the beauty of our gardens, our farm, and find joy snuggling a goat or two. A place where everyone is safe and cared for, human and animal alike. We won’t give up, the magic of this place will keep it going! A place that creates peace and adds to the joy of the world is a place I want to be a part of.

If you would like to donate, we would be beyond grateful! Donations are tax deductible. Click to Donate. May it come back to you ten-fold.

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  1. I have posted to my Facebook page – PayPal to ask for donations for your sanctuary. It’s the end of the year, perhaps people need an additional tax deduction. May God Bless this effort!

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Thank you so much! I think everyone is struggling right now.

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