The Mystery of the Defective Chickens


One egg.  Buttercup is a sure thing.  Nearly every day we get a small white egg from her.  Owlette the Araucana lays one a few times a week…on a rickety shelf, where it falls and cracks.  Once in great awhile we get an egg from the Salmon Favorelles.  Never two, just one.  And once a month we might get a small light brown egg from either the Giants or the Marans, it’s really hard to know.

All I know is that for having seven chickens it sure is suspicious that I am only getting one or two eggs max a day when I have seven first year laying hens.  Anyone else find this odd?

There are no signs of egg eating.  They have plenty of scraps, sunshine, running room, oyster shells, water, and food.

They have never laid more than this so I can’t blame the lack of light.  Gosh, they aren’t even friendly chickens like the ones I used to have!  I threaten them with freezer camp as they run screaming from me.  I even named them and talked to them sweetly.  To no avail.  No eggs.

What do you all think?  Egg eater?


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  1. CastIronDan says:

    My guess would be the cooler weather /shorter days. I’m only getting one or two a day here (out of 12 hens) Last year I set up a light in the henhouse that was controlled by a timer that came on from 5pm to 9 pm and within a week or so I had a huge increase in egg production…

    1. Katie Owl says:

      I would normally think that but they didn’t lay when it was warm either! Well, I’m not good with an ax so I guess we will see if they pick up in the spring! 😉

  2. Back in the day, my grandfather noticed a decline in egg production. It turned out his 12 yo son (my dad) was stealing them to sell at the neighborhood store for treats. Got any sneaky 12 years olds around? 😉

    1. Katie Owl says:

      That is hilarious!

  3. terrifortner says:

    Owlette? A PJ masks fan in the house? I am following to see what others might offer as help. I do not have chickens yet, but we are talking about getting some next spring.

    1. My granddaughter named them. I wrote a book on homesteading, I have had years of chickens, I know their egg production swiftly declines in the winter due to light and cold (who would want to have babies in the winter?!) but these guys confused me because they never really started. I got them in March so they should have been laying in August and here it is December so that seemed pretty fishy but we will see if they are all just late layers…

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