Everything I Do Kills the Planet

mother-earth-wallpapers-for-android-For-Free-WallpaperI still get those dreams.  The “if-we-don’t-change-things-now” dreams, then glimpses of what will be.  They frighten me and I become extremely aware.  I look at my fake nails (I have no idea what came over me to go get nails last week) and can see all of the plastic nails in all of the salons and the chemicals that pervade the colors and liquids and fumes.  I sigh and look at my fingers…ooh sparkly!

Mother Nature can and will, of course, change as she sees fit.  Fires, floods, and I well know that her own temperature has raised and lowered over many more eons than I have been here having dreams.  I know that the polar bear on the internet could have died from illness.  Yet my heart breaks all the same.  My ancestors would have never seen that.  They would only know what they could do to heal the waters or the air in their own neck of the woods.

People spark outcry for the drilling on our beautiful lands then fill their cars with the very same fuel that they protested at some point and drive…everywhere.

I would love to live in a little off grid sanctuary- full knowing the work involved- and heal a small area of space in time.  That is not my husband’s dream though.  What can I do, then, in this space of the planet to be mindful?  The bouncing Christmas lights color my home with joy (and electricity) and my coffee is hot and welcoming to the day (and comes from who knows where) and my car doesn’t drive on air and the gifts I am buying may end up in landfills and I sigh and know that we really have gotten ourselves way over our heads.  We know that we are doing great harm and that we need to change as a society but we have no idea where to start because by the time we get done looking at starving polar bear pictures and put away our protest signs we have lost sight in despair followed by complacency.

What can we meditate on this Yule season to spread healing to the waters and air and lands of this earth?

Perhaps I will get a bicycle.  Stop coloring my hair and nails for godsake.  I could start making my own cleaning products again.  Unhook the pipes and let the water run into 5 gallon buckets that I could then water the trees with.  Sneak a composting toilet in this place.  Or I could stop using paper cups while getting coffee.  I could stop buying packaging.  I could stop buying junk.

If I were to feel more gratitude and wonder here in this place in time that I breathe, I would naturally remember what is good for me and the earth and be more mindful in the coming year.

That could be my new dream.  I can’t save the world, but I can start here…

What will you do?

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  1. Harmony says:

    I think of these decision like when I’m trying to lose weight. Doing my best at each opportunity to make a slightly better choice and to not feel guilt when I screw up as I know I will. To always begin again….again.

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      Great attitude! so true…

  2. AngelRemedy says:

    This post really motivated me. I am going to be donating all of my old clothes to several charities, regardless of their label, and will make sure I never turn down any homeless man who needs change. At least more and more people now are conscious than ever, especially with recycling, that is something that hasn’t been done in earlier times (Here in London you have to recycle or the council can fine you). Thank you for this awakening post right here. ✨🕯🌟

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      Thank you for being here. Light to you this season!

  3. Helen says:

    You have a clear of some things you could do but it is hard when those around are still colouring their names, going overboard at Christmas etc.

    For my part, getting a new bike would make small journeys easier to do without the car (you know the kind that are just a bit too far to walk, especially if you’r in a rush).

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      Maybe Santa will bring us one!

  4. Barbara Schatzley says:

    Every day is a struggle on some level. One day I work on my attitude, another day the environment pops to the top of the list. Healthy living, thankfulness, RAK’s, anger management….on and on….all need attention but can also be totally overwhelming. During this season I just try to NOT be so much a part of the problem when I can. I make a lot of my gifts, cook more at home with less pre-packaged foods. I still love my cappuccino (haven’t managed to give those up) but I do fix about half of them at home….sigh. Haven’t been able to do away with coloring my hair but I have lessened the frequency…grinning. Everything seems to be a compromise but I feel at least I am making an effort. Good thoughts and blessings to you this holiday season. Barbara

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      Blessings to you and yours as well!

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