The New Notebook

The pink leather notebook, fresh and empty of ideas, lay open upon the wooden breakfast table near the wood stove. Ideas flourished and manifested across the pages. The intensely planted garden of organic produce, the small dairy, the ducks, the chickens, the sheep, the goats, the bees, the homesteading school, the farmgirl classes, the herbal classes, […]

via The New Notebook — Medicine Wolf

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  1. So happy to have found your blog, I think we share much in common even though we are on opposite sides of the pond! I just wrote about foraging for wild food on my blog yesterday, something I wish all children could learn about.

    1. This blog network is amazing. So many friends to make around the world!

    2. Oh yea, and please note, I don’t write on Farmgirl school anymore. My new blog is!

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