Summer Reading

One of the greatest pleasures to me is the feel of a good book. One made of paper, with turning pages, and great prose. A cup of tea nearby makes the experience even better. To be lost in a world of wonder, to be learning something new, to travel by book, to learn about other cultures, places, ideas, or to simply be entertained, these are the reasons to get lost in a book. The longer hours of light make it ever so nice to sneak in a few extra chapters in the evenings. Here are a few recommendations to get you started on this summer of reading.

I am not much of a fiction girl. I love non-fiction, whimsical reality, no made up business. Blame it on my too-serious personality type or astrological sign. I just have little patience for fiction. However, this book swept me away. It’s not-possible plot seemed somewhat possible and I was magically transported to Italy and a trip to remember. In One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle, the main character loses her mother a week before their planned trip to Italy together. She opts to go by herself even though her grief is all encompassing. There, she meets her mother. Her mother at 30, carefree and young. It is a wonderful tale that I highly recommend. I will try and find her other books as well. Summer reading should include a little magic.

Back to non-fiction, I am currently absorbing My Southern Journey; True Stories from the Heart of the South by the hilarious and popular writer, Rick Bragg. Through his personal stories and those of the people around him growing up, the author takes us on a journey with him through time and place and keeps me laughing the entire way. I have always felt like I was southern. My maternal grandfather and his people all came up from the south and it is fun to learn about the cultures and people of that area that I hold dear. Most of the author’s stories come from his home-state of Alabama. If you need a fairly constant laugh, check out this book!

Summertime is so busy with activity and being outside every last minute of daylight leaves me too tired to read before bed at times. I love magazines all year round, but especially during the summer. I can flip through a few pages, read a few articles, get inspired, and be on my way again! In Her Studio, Where Women Create, What Women Create, House Beautiful, Country Living, Southern Living, and so many others arrive in my mailbox regularly. I love a great magazine.

I hope you are already experiencing fine weather and can find time to read on the back porch with a cold glass of sweet tea. What are you reading?


  1. Love Does by Bob Goff. With a glass of Italian red wine the Swiss Alps in the background. Its a little like the Rocky Mountains but very different here. I wish I wrote as aspiring and eloquent as you do because spending time in Europe has been amazing so far. We are heading to Austria next and then Poland. I brought my lovely shawl you made for me on this trip… so I think you are with me LOL!

  2. Just finished “All the light we cannot see” really good historical fiction. Just starting “ The Secret Life of Bees”
    I’m inconsistent but just started trying to read one book a week.

  3. I so agree. I can’t get on with ebooks. It’s the chucking the book in my handbag, read where I want, scribble notes, thumbed pages, turned corners, memories when I see the book, the smell, the visual when on the bookshelf, the flapping pages in a breeze…books are the soul, heart and mind.

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