How to Grandly Fail (and be okay with it)

I am the self proclaimed queen of failing. I have achieved it so often, that it equals my successes! My motto is, Life is short; LET’S Go! My partner-in-crime goes along with most of my hair brained schemes, only very so often vetoing them and every so often coming up with a brilliant idea that we run with. We are a pair. Heading full speed ahead into life and its embrace and its experiences and its reality.

Our latest failing adventure is the animal sanctuary we so boldly flew into. Homesteading classes! Donations! Volunteers! We’d have it all! We promptly doubled our adopted animals and then (crickets chirping…) failed. It happens. Rising costs of feed and little support from the community added to the fact that we are burnt out have made the decision easy to rehome all of our farm animals. We are doing it willingly and the animals will be fine. I will simultaneously be devastated and then relieved. We don’t want to cause harm to those around us, but we are okay with an evolving life.

We have had farm animals for ten of the last eleven years. We love our chickens. We love our ducks! Oh, we love them all. But knowing when it’s time to move on to the next venture is one of the trickiest parts of life.

Perhaps the word “failure” is a word we should all omit from our language. There is no such thing as failure. There is only living. There are only life lessons. Experiences. There is only movement through life from one thing to the next, and what we may deem as a failure is actually just a stepping stone to the next thing. When I say failure, I mean it cheekily. It was an incredible experience to live in this homesteading adventure! We thrived, succeeded, lost it all, then succeeded again! We rock.

So, if you are wondering whether you should try something new or be brave or change things up, or are reeling from what you deem a failure, just remember:

Life is short….LET’S GO!


  1. I love this philosophy, my mum’s fear of failure held her back even though she had so many interests and talents like knitting, quilting and painting, but she always told me “try something and if it doesn’t work out, try something else” because she didn’t want to pass on her fear of failure to me. I also think there’s no shame in letting go when something isn’t working. X

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