A Quite Brilliant Idea (and a need for your help)

I am a firm believer that ideas and inspiration are given to us, are chosen for us, land on us, and are not from our own mind. Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about this in her wonderful book, Big Magic, and it makes so much sense. If an idea lands on you, you must quickly accept it and start on it or it moves on to the next person. That is why sometimes we hear a song, or read a book, and think, That was my idea!

Well, an idea landed on me that is so great I can truly see it being a one-woman show at a gallery or even at the Art Museum! Getting ahead of myself though, I actually have to work, not just dream and dilly dally. Perhaps nothing will come of it, but I must try. It’s too good of an idea.

The very best ideas that land on us will most certainly bring doubt. This idea will bring a lot of criticism, I bet. My work will be judged. Am I even good enough to do this? Those are the key questions and doubts that will assure you that you are on the right path. What is the worst that could happen? Enjoy the journey!

I am in need of your help out there. I need photos of folks of all types, head shots/waist up (appropriate please!), different colors of skin and looks. There will be no compensation for sales/shows or when I become famous. (I am laughing as I write this, but I shouldn’t be! Oh ye of little faith!) If you could help an artist out, I’d be so grateful.

I am so tempted to tell you what this brilliant idea is that landed on me, but I cannot. I will give you a hint, but you will just have to come see the show (that I do not have lined up yet) when it’s done. I have faith that doors of opportunity will open before me after I’m finished. (Or I will chicken out and move on to something else.) This is the first painting of the series. It has a twist with a proper explanation, and the rest is a surprise.

Send your photos to Katie@Pumpkinhollowfarm.net

Thank you!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rod Jensen says:

    I have an AWESOME painting that I’ll loan you for the show. Just let me know when you are ready to show it. Until then it will be hanging proudly in my living room. Rod

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      Ha! No mom has to stay at your house! 😉

      1. Rod Jensen says:

        LOL…. That’s cool, I just thought I’d offer. I’m sure she’s quite happy where she is. Love Ya Rod

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