A She-Shed of One’s Own

Every women needs a she-shed. We call mine “the studio.” My word for 2023 is Artist, and my studio helps make that word more attainable. What do you devote yourself to? In the past, I devoted myself to thirteen different jobs and constantly burned out, looked for worth through productivity, and lacked satisfaction. Now, this year I am devoting myself to things that really fuel me and make me content and happy, and that can fit into the scope of one day! Homeschooling my granddaughter and teaching her how to read is the best gift I could ever receive. Being a good homemaker and wife (i.e. cleaning the dang house). And being an artist.

That is the job I really want to devote myself to. I make gorgeous shawls, cloth dolls, and paintings, at the moment. I would like to get a little sketch pad and create a drawing each day as a journal. I would like to build up enough art to take to craft shows and art shows this summer and fall.

My husband began working at home in 2020 and took over my craft room and office. I like having him work from home, but I needed space to create sans cats and distractions! Last May, a 10×20 blue shed with white shutters and window boxes, and loads of windows, that I had designed, was delivered into my garden by a local shed company. I had spray foam insulation added, put in some Ruggable washable rugs, and set up. I had just closed my shop and needed a place for all my creating. One day, I will get it completely finished, but it is just fine for now.

This beautiful she-shed is a room of one’s own, so to speak, and a place that I love to be in. Virginia Woolf would approve. I have an electric heater that looks like a wood stove in there to keep me warm, and lots of windows to bring in the sun. It is comfortable and I love bringing in my cup of tea, turning on music, and creating. I try to work in there every day.

My granddaughter can paint and draw to her heart’s content. I can work on shawls, or prep a canvas, or sew, or make gifts. It can be quiet save for the content humming of the farm outside my door. The views are astounding and keep me painting for hours.

It is a shed that is rent-to-own. I pay a certain amount every month, and though I do not like debt, it is truly a blessing to me. I cannot wait to fill the window boxes with flowers this spring.

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