Vision Board Party

My daughter, Shyanne, and I host a Vision Board party every year. This is our sixth year putting on this fun event. We usually do it the first weekend in January, but since Shyanne gave birth to her perfect little son December 30th, we gave her a few weeks to settle in!

I made a gallon and a half of tomato soup, a loaf of cheesy garlic bread, chocolate cookies, and packed a gallon of iced tea. In another bag I packed all of the magazines I saved over the year, with scissors, markers, and glue sticks, and we headed off to Shyanne’s.

Everyone brings snacks, their own vision board, and extra art supplies if they want. Someone always brings a bottle of wine! There is always laughter, reminiscing on the year, noting what came true from last year’s boards, and candid banter between women. It is an event we all look forward to.

Doug came to visit and hold his new grandson (we are SO in love with baby Lochlan!), and Shyanne’s husband, Jacob, came in and out of the garage to visit. The men, knowing how powerful these boards are to manifest a future, always come over at the end to look at them to see what is in their future! (Last year, Shyanne put “baby” on hers real small, but big enough for the universe to see it!) Nearly everything on them always comes to fruition.

Vision boards are an amazing tool to lay out the year. We do not come with preconceived ideas, but rather talk and giggle and fan through magazines, pulling out pictures, cutting out words, and create a pile of whatever strikes us. Then we create the board with glue sticks and paste the pictures and words on. It is always amazing to see how they come together. What we really desire and need. It is as interesting to see what is not on the board. (No homesteading items on mine.)

My granddaughter, Maryjane, and her bestie, Chase, always participate before running off to play. Their boards are great fun to look at! It is a good lesson to show them how they can create their own future, gather with other women, make art, and have fun!

I hope you will gather your own tribe and armloads of magazines and glue, and create the future. 2023 looks bright indeed!

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