Kitchen Redo for $22.50

I am the self-proclaimed queen of using what I have, the power of paint, and the magic of rearranging furniture! I want a new kitchen. Who doesn’t? But new appliances, let alone a new house, are out of the question right now. How do I refresh? How do I change it up to make a space I love to cook in?

Doug noted (poor guy comes out of his office and his house looks completely different!) that this is the most contemporary look I have done yet. To me it looks to be the most grown up. I am done with kitschy, done with farmhouse even. I want something sleek, retro, contemporary, slightly modern, and fun. This look will take over the whole house!

Tip #1: Look on Pinterest, Instagram, or in magazines to find a look that grabs your attention. Choose colors based on that impression. Mine were white, black, natural/leather, and houseplants.

My cupboards were a basic wood color three and a half years ago when we moved in. I immediately tore down a partial wall, installed twelve foot long shelving, and painted the kitchen cupboards. First white, then pumpkin, then white and raspberry pink, now black. I did not expect the black to be such a wow factor!

Tip #2: Use what you have. I bought an IKEA island when we first moved in then another with seating last year from American Furniture. I placed them end to end to create a long work space.

I love to cook to I have everything in reach.

I cleaned out all the drawers, discarded what I don’t use, or stored bigger counter appliances in the garage that aren’t used as much, and stacked all of my vast collection of cookbooks on the shelves of the island.

It is easy to create a whole new look and feel just by switching out decor, cleaning up a bit, and the cost of a quart of paint.

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  1. Julie P says:

    Wow so grown up, I love it that you’re so adventurous! Mine were cream when they were put in some 13 years ago and they are still cream 😂 I don’t notice them but the clutter 🤷🏼‍♀️ that’s something that IS going to be dealt with when we get home!

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      Oy, don’t remind me of the clutter! I’m working on it though!

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