Memories made Bookmarks

I am truly sentimental and have regretted ever throwing anything away. All these lovely mementos, invitations to my daughters’ weddings, baby shower invites for my grandchildren, cards made by my granddaughter, a thank you card for being his mama from my son, how can I get rid of these? But what to do with them? I have enough boxes of things I never see cluttering closets.

I love reading. I always have multiple books going and I refuse to get into the digital age of reading. A good solid book in my hand is a delight. And with a book, one needs a bookmark! Every time I open my book, there is a piece of paper that makes me smile. Maybe a Valentine card from my husband or a Christmas card from my grandmother now deceased. Now living their second life as a bookmark. If they should become brittle and disintegrate , so be it. I enjoyed them as much as possible!

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  1. What an excellent idea I love it, hope mother and baby are doing just fine ❤️

    1. Farmgirl says:

      They are doing wonderful! I hope your loves are doing great too!

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