Morning Pages and Peace of Mind

Each morning before dawn, I put on my cozy robe, pour a cup of hot coffee in one of my favorite mugs, and sit down in the rocking chair. Currently, the rocking chair faces the humble but dazzling Christmas tree and the gentle glow of lights cascades across me as I open my journal. Two orange kittens jump into my lap and I balance the book on the arm of the chair, and with pen, let my thoughts flow.

I began to write morning pages when I started reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron last August. Since then I have flown through four blank journals and countless pens! I have always written journals, but always at night and only sporadically. Morning pages is different. I look forward to them. According to the author, one is to write three pages first thing in the morning, every morning. What I have found is that all my thoughts and prayers and worries and ideas all make it out across the pages and I am free to start my day free of mind and spirit. Doubts, creative ideas, anxiety about money, problems in family, and everything else is just left in the book as I get up to start chores. I can see a natural progression of problems solved, new artistic ideas unfolding, and prayers answered each day.

Writing is effective therapy. Morning pages adds a whole new depth of comfort and strength within the humble pen and notebook for me and has helped my creativity in many ways. Try it! You will love it, I am certain.

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  1. I agree with the writing being therapeutic not only to the writer, but also to encourage others to write also. I have a 75-page book I just wrote that is currently being edited. It may never go anywhere, but, then again, one never knows the impact we can have on others.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      I am excited for you!

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