Dreaming of Vineyards

Have you ever stood in front of a row of grapes? The crisp lines marching up hills? The leaves lovely in autumn? Have you ever sipped a glass of wine in a vineyard and thought of the journey from planting to harvesting to magic in a glass?

Temecula wine country in California

Something about it fascinates me. I am a one-glass-of-wine a day kind of girl, but I appreciate that glass of transport. I have taken some amazing sommelier classes that helped me see, smell, and swirl my way to unlocking the mysteries of one of the oldest drinks in the world. The rings at the edge of the glass speak of vine age. The color foretells wine age and varietal The smell whispers terroir and place and of oak barrels or steel. The taste goes on about the farmers, the roses at the end of the rows, of the farms nearby, of the toil and prayers and careful blending, and the people who made it.

Napa Valley

I’ve long dreamed of a vineyard. I have read more books than I can recall on the subject. I know we should try to run our rows north to south so they gather as much sun as they like. I know they like difficult soil. I know they need a longer growing season. The very soil that is so difficult to grow crops in here is the very same that grapes would love. Spreading their long roots into the limestone earth gathering nutrients and flavors of our home.

Northern California

We have explored many a vineyard with different friends through Napa Valley and Sonoma, through Temecula, and New Mexico. And down the road to local wineries with fine and different varietals and blends and unique Colorado flavors.

We think and we ask questions of other wine makers, of vineyard owners, of Mother Earth. Could we sustain a vineyard here? Would it be too much work for me? Would it cost too much in water? Eight gallons of water per week required. We scarcely get rain. A local winery will buy all of our grapes. But you know me, could I make good wine from my own grapes? Would the start-up cost be exorbitant?

Life is an adventure. If you have a dream, just go for it!

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  1. Randall Graham, the winemaker at Bonny Doon vineyards (Santa Cruz), has a lot of thoughts and experience growing grapes in areas where water is truly scarce. He’s very accessible on social media, so someone you might enjoy talking to about this topic. A wacky and entertaining person in general.

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      Thank you so much!

  2. Julie Pullum says:

    Lovely post, find winemaking fascinating and you know that I believe too that if you have a dream then follow that path wherever it may lead you. I read a marvellous book last year about a woman who went to France with her partner/lover to make beautiful wines it was so good. They had bought a wreck, he discovered he had lupus so had to come back to the U.K., it was an uphill struggle but she did it, absolutely she did it and produced some award winning wines over the years. I will try and find a copy of it for you. As an aside, and totally off the subject, that yellow frock is absolutely awesome 😊

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      Thank you! Goodness, I have never paid more for a dress in my life so I try to wear it anywhere I possibly can! 🙂 Ooh, I need the name of that book!

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