Homestead Scents and Jasmine Plants

The smells of a homestead.  The damp soil after watering, the plants pushing through the soil.  Upon opening the front door, the first smell is probably that of cat litter, I am afraid, but cats make a homestead a home.  Baking bread lingers with fresh coffee.  A big pot of broth bubbles away.  The dog walks by with hints of eau d’skunk.  His new fragrance since the incident.  In the back yard the calming scents of pine shavings, compost, and chicken poop fill the air.  It’s not for everyone, but I like it.

There are too many cats here to be lighting a ton of candles and too many migraines to let the smelly ones burn.  I have many, many house plants.  Pathos, and geraniums, mass cane, and bamboo.  Aloes, poinsettia, succulents, and even ginger.  Those are all lovely in their own right.  But when I walk into my bedroom, a certain smell permeates just so.


Jasmine.  The jasmine plant yawns and stretches across the curtain rod and swings carelessly in front of the window.  All the while releasing tiny bursts of romance and sweet scent.  The jasmine can be used as a delicious tea by snipping off every third new leaf if desired.  Dry in a paper bag.  The jasmine flowers are most prized for tea but it seems a shame to clip them because they are so beautifully fragrant and lovely.  It is a nice change from the usual scents of a farm.


Jasmine house plants are available widely online.  They love light and a deep drink every seven days or so.  They love to climb, so a hanging pot or a small trellis is great.

I sit up in bed and pull the quilts around me.  I put my reading glasses on and open a great book and reach for my cup of steaming tea.  Surrounded by jasmine, I take a deep breath.  That is how my nights begin.

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