The End of Summer

The end of summer.

‘Twas yesterday eve that I felt the shift.  The night temperatures would fall much too cold for summer crops.  I gathered my long shawl- orange and reds to match the changing leaves- across my hair and over my shoulders to keep the encroaching dusk chill away and gathered my baskets.

Out into the gardens with falling light I felt for vegetables and fruits in the dirt, on vines, hidden in lush leaves, swiftly clipping and twisting them into my hands.  Watermelons, butternut squash, yellow squash, poblanos, chilies, jalapenos, green peppers, and dozens upon dozens of green tomatoes came tumbling in.

Into the warm house where the fire was lit and the candles dazzled the rainy night.  For rain it poured and torrents of it came, while lightening bid farewell to the summer night games.  An autumn chill has descended here and the nights will stay cool as the sun tends to fall asleep early and the gardening days of fall are almost done.

The oil lamps lit, and candles brighten pages of good books.  And the darkness descends us into a warming rest.  I took a sip of tea and watched him put another log on the fire.

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    Our summer almost always lasts longer than it does anywhere else. However, this year, it seems that others are getting theirs about the same time as ours. It has already been somewhat cool here, and it gets cool enough at night for the sweetgum trees to start to color.

    1. Mama says:

      I love the area you live in! I am a little sad that I lost my favorite scarf last week that I got from Santa Clara some years back. It is cool early here too but in Colorado it could be back in the 90’s again next week. There’s no telling!

      1. tonytomeo says:

        Santa Clara? That is not a place that many on the outside know about. When I was in Oklahoma, if seemed to me that everyone thinks that all of California is centered around Los Angeles.

      2. Mama says:

        My friends used to live in San Jose. Had a lovely visit there years ago.

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