The Unusual Rooster (or crowing hen)

I heard crowing at dawn.  I stretched and smiled, hearing that beautiful familiar sound.  My eyes shot open and I jumped out of bed.  I searched with sleepy eyes through the window trying to catch sight of who was actually a rooster.  Then…nothing.  No crowing for days.  None of the hens looked like a rooster and I have had six out of seven of them for a year and a half.

Twice now I have pulled my car into the driveway and heard crowing coming from my own backyard.  I throw open the gate and stand there as the hens chirp and ask to be let out of their yard.  Suspicious.  No rooster.

Last week I ran in to see who was crowing and one of the Jersey Giants was pulled up tall just like a rooster.  Ah ha!  But she lays eggs.  Addie came over and we looked at all the chickens.  No spurs, no crazy feathers, no prettier than other chickens chicken.  And they all lay eggs.


I decided to look into this phenomenon. Addie has a few hen crowers.  The internet is filled with tales of crowing hens.  It seem that without a rooster to rule the roost a hen will become the queen.  She will crow to scare predators or to announce her dissatisfaction, or to let me it’s time to wake up and give them feed.  So this really is the best of both worlds, I get my beloved, familiar farm sound (just not every ten minutes throughout the day) without any of the testosterone jerkiness and she lays eggs.  How lovely.

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  1. Dad4Gracie says:

    I’ve seen some of my more mature girls trying to do this, only no sound comes out. I do love them for trying though! Thanks for an enjoyable read!

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Chickens are so delightful, aren’t they?

      1. Dad4Gracie says:

        Yes, they are indeed!

  2. tonytomeo says:

    I thought that was just natural. I think that a few of the groups of hens in the neighborhood have someone who crows for the group, even though there are no roosters. There is a rooster here, and a rooster down below, but they might be the only two within hearing range. Yet, I hear crowing off in the distance. It seems that the close ones might be satisfied with the crowing from the roosters nearby, but he isolated covens farther away must make their own noise.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      It’s hilarious! I have never had a crowing hen!

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