The Little Farm Vehicle That Could

Okay…it’s a Fiat.  But a mini farm deserves a mini farm vehicle!


There is something deeply satisfying about having enough food for the critters.  We hauled home a hundred and sixty pounds of dog, cat, and chicken feed and scratch in Fernando the Fiat the other day.  Heck, if we had put the top down we could have thrown on a bale of hay!  The back seat has enough Great Pyrenees hair to weave a scarf.  It may look like a city car but the little farm car works as hard as I do.  It does seem fitting that Pumpkin Hollow Farm ought to have a farm car that looks like a pumpkin!


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  1. Julie says:

    So happy you’re writing again, I love the Fiats in fact have had a bit of a love affair with all types of Fiat since in got my driving licence at 17! John, my sisters husband, had a Fiat garage so my first car was a Fiat 128! Since then I’ve had a 127, 126, cinquecento and two Puntos, Barbara my sister still has an original Fiat 500 called Isabella and a new one too hers is very pale mint green! Such a lovely picture of Gandalf in Fernando. 😂

    1. Farmgirl says:

      I am happy to be writing again too!

  2. tonytomeo says:

    Our first tractor, which was years before my time, was a 1965 Impala wagon. Sadly, it was exploited to death. So were all the tractors afterward. For a while, we used a 1986 Taurus wagon to get things to the top of the ridge because the four wheel drive vehicles would not go up there. We did not take much up there, just chain saws, fuel and such needed to cut down dead oaks.

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