The Restorative Red Bedroom (a new room with just a can of paint!)


I don’t know who thought of the color combination of dingy dorm room white with pukey grey trim but ever since I moved in I have wanted to change it.  I just didn’t know what colors to paint our bedroom.  I painted the living room yellow with brown trim, and the guest room the lightest hint of pink with brown trim.  I wanted my room to have a particular feel.


Romantic, not bright, but not too dark, just warm and comfortable.


I decided on Autumn Red which is a dark red but has hints of rose pink in it.  The same brown trim that I used throughout the house unifies the spaces.


The gorgeous red, of course, ended up matching my chili ristra in the corner, and highlighted my painting of our dream house in New Mexico.


The same trim color was used to paint the door, dresser and mirror to give them a vintage appeal and they just match the cheeky buffalo head.  I painted the edge of the dresser red.  I simplified the wall hangings.


The cats were climbing up the back of the headboard to see out the window while we were sleeping so by taking the mirror off of the dresser, I was able to give them a place to bird watch and let me sleep in peace!  Moving furniture around can make the space more functional.


Geraniums brighten the space.

The room is beautiful.  It feels like we are inside of a heart.  It is beautifully restorative, like a cave.  And again, a simple can of paint can completely renovate, restore, and change the feel of any room.

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  1. terrifortner says:

    My husband’s favorite color is red, so when it came time to paint our room it was easy to pick the color. Almost 10 years later and we still love it. I painted an abstract mother and child multi-canvas piece for him when I was pregnant and he was deployed. It hangs in a weird corner of our room. It is a similar red on white background. I love red, it is the color of passion. 🙂

  2. It does have a vintage look. Great photo of the geraniums!

    1. I think it looks like an old hotel room! I love geraniums.

  3. It looks really warm and cosy, when Tom lived at home he chose to have his room red. It’s always looked good. Lovely geraniums have you over wintered that? I never have any luck with them indoors 😢

    1. Yes, those were geraniums that were given to me by a farmer’s market customer back when we were the 5 Farmgirls! They get repotted every year or two and spend late spring through early fall out on the porch (as long as the nights are over 54 degrees) and they spend the winter complaining in the south window! Pretty much just like me!

  4. Helen says:

    Very daring of you to go with such bold colours.

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