How to Make a Nourishing, Infused Oil for Dry Skin

It is so dry around here that I do believe a stale cracker blowing across the desert in a windstorm has more moisture than my skin has right now.  Colorado is always dry-most of the state is high desert- but winter is the worst!  It is time to make a nourishing infused oil and calm that itching down.


A small crock pot is perfect to keep in the bathroom plugged in.  After the concoction is infused in the crock pot, you merely have to turn it on warm as you get into the shower.  Or pour a bit into the bath.  Use on lips, hands, face; the whole body will just absorb it with fervor.

You can easily just use the oil as is.  In Ayurveda sesame oil is used.  Olive oil is a natural sunscreen and has a long shelf life.  But I am more of a sunflower girl, myself.  Rich in vitamin E and oleic acid, sunflower oil is nourishing and absorbs easily.  I am also an herbalist so I infuse some medicinal herbs into my oil.  It makes it all the better.


In 32 ounces of sunflower oil poured into the crock pot, I added a small handful of roses, calendula, mullein leaves, and lemon verbena.  I let that infuse on low for a few hours.  The herbs are dried so they won’t mold and sunflower oil lasts easily two years.  Other herbs that might be nice are lavender, pine, or geranium.


No need to strain.  I use my fingers to apply but you could use a small sponge.  This time of year the oil absorbs faster than you can apply it so be liberal and feel great.

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  1. Until I hit my sixties, it was impossible to imagine having dry skin. Now, though . . . I’ll be sure to give this a try. Sounds luxuriant.

  2. laffalots2 says:

    You may not like suggestions, but what is working really well for me is Hoof Alive I get it at Murdochs found it at Big R has good ingredients, not your homemade ones though, I used to just use it for lips and cracked fingers but it’s good for Prevention too Kathleen

  3. Array says:

    Once it has infused for a few hours do you leave it i the small crock pot until it is all used up and you start a new batch? Could you bottle it for later use? I used to keep a bottle in the shower and it would warm up while I was showering and then apply at the end, but that was store bought stuff.

    1. Yes, just leave the herbs in there as long as you wish. You can also bottle it and add essential oils.

      1. terrifortner says:

        Thanks! I can’t wait to give this a try.

  4. I’ve never tried using a crock pot before to make herbal oils. Actually, I’ve never used a crock pot before ever! I might have to look into one if it can be used for herbal goodies as well as meals.

    1. A crock pot will change your life! 🙂

    2. Now mind you, in my shop, I infuse the medicinal oils in the sun. They get hot too quick this way when you are making super infused pain oils or whatever. But this great for home use.

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