Cocktail Hour and the Thanksgiving Drink

20171114_174503‘Tis the season for a warming drink as the cool nights descend.  My husband stoked the fire in the wood stove.  The night was ink black with the stars glistening like twinkly lights and the smell of wood smoke and fallen leaves remind us that Thanksgiving is near.

I poured us each a cocktail.  We don’t often do that but we should.  We both go-go-go from before dawn until this moment where I am scurrying to get dinner made and the puppy is running around with the remote in his mouth.  When the day doesn’t slow down fast enough, our own cocktail hour is really grand!

I am more of a craft beer and snobby wine girl and I don’t like most hard liquors.  I wanted to try whiskey though.  I’m Scottish after all and I have had a few swigs from men in kilts’ flasks at the Celtic Festival.  What I made (oh, it probably isn’t new at all but it was new to me) was a delicious autumn drink.  The apples played off the essence of the barrel in the whiskey.  And the cinnamon added seasonal cheer.

20171114_175049We picked up one of those single servings of Makers Mark to see if I’d like it. (I did.)

I had some apples that were in need of being juiced.  Freshly juiced apples make this recipe.

Fill a high ball glass half way with ice.  Add whiskey.  Add four ounces of fresh apple juice.  Add a sprinkling of cinnamon.  Sit down!  It’s been a long day.  Dinner can wait five minutes and the puppy can go outside for a second.

This would be a delicious drink with roasted turkey and all the fixings next week!

What is YOUR favorite cocktail?

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