The New Farmdog

20170924_071821On Mabon, the eve of equinox, I smudged the house with oils and Doug carved on a candle a few things we wanted to manifest.  “Dog” was one of them.


The next morning my friend, Alli, sent me a picture by text message of a litter of puppies.  Her husband was fixing equipment on a ranch and the pure-bred puppies were only fifty-dollars.  He could bring one home for me.  I looked up at the sky and said, “Dang, that was fast!”


He ended up bringing one home for Alli and for one of their other friends as well.  Eight week old Heelers are pretty dang cute.


We named him Arthur to match Merlin, our ten week old kitten.  Those two are running around this place like little bats out of hell until they fall into one of their many naps.  It’s pretty cute around here.


Well, here he is folks, meet Arthur.

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  1. Oh my goodness he is so cute!

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      He is more like a bulldog then a heeler right now. He is a little tank! So little and cute.

  2. peacelovepointers says:

    Aweeeeee! Heelers are great! My Border Collie pup is 5 months old now, and having just gotten through the hardest part of puppyhood, all I can say is, good luck!

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      I should probably just get used to the idea that the rug is toast!

      1. peacelovepointers says:

        And I’m sure you’re already having to do the whole constant supervision thing. That goes on for a good while. 😉

  3. Rod says:

    VERY CUTE…. I know he couldn’t have found a better home. Like Peace said good luck with all the training that goes into a puppy.

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      He’s so cute. Naughty. Very cute!

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