Farmdog Needed. Inquire Within.


We have had unlikely farm dogs.  We had Windsor for eighteen years.  He was completely devoted to the children.  He also peed on the kitchen floor every day of his life.


Our greyhound, Bumble, was a great family dog.  He lounged on his reclining lawn chair guarding the chickens every day.  He would dig great holes in the yard (presumably to help me plant trees) and would run a mile circle if accidentally let out of the gate.  When he passed away in the night two and a half years ago, we decided no more dogs.


A few months ago I babysat my daughter, Emily’s dog, Azzy for two weeks.  She is a small blue heeler/border collie.  She never left my side.  She rode in the car, loved walks, growled at little old ladies who looked threatening, kept squirrels out of the yard, and scared the recycling guy.  She has separation anxiety something awful so I just took her everywhere with me.  I found myself very upset when she went back home.  And her mother won’t give me her dog.  Kids these days.

My granddog, Lupo


The city has been difficult for me to get used to.  Our cars have been broken into four times since we moved here.  Last week they shattered the window to get in, only to find nothing of interest.  In the country we never locked our doors.  I find myself worried to leave my house windows open.  I am home alone most of the week and even though it is pretty safe around here, I wouldn’t mind the company of a dog.

I am worried about getting the right dog though.  I take adoption seriously.

“MWF seeks big, snuggly dog with big bark who loves long walks around the lake and rides in the car.  Must love chickens, cats, and kids.  Looking for big, strong, protective pup who would enjoy years of being spoiled who doesn’t care to dig or run away.  Preferably one who doesn’t have separation anxiety and doesn’t eat couches.”

Is that even possible?  Does my farmdog exist?

What breeds would you recommend?  Puppy or adult?  I would like to rescue.  Ideas?

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  1. Puppy, if you can do the sleepless nights and training. Rescue, definitely. As for non runners/chewers/diggers. I think you get what you get and love them any way! Bless you and good luck with the search, a dog is a necessity and I cannot imagine my life without one despite the pain when they leave us. ❤️

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      That is what Doug says. He is worried an adult might be funny with the cats.

  2. peacelovepointers says:

    Maybe a Great Pyrenees? Or a Newfoundland? Or a Bernese Mountain Dog?

  3. Linda Narumit says:

    Good luck on finding your farm dog! Leona might know what breed would be best for you.

    On Fri, Sep 15, 2017 at 7:29 AM, FARMGIRL SCHOOL wrote:

    > Katie Lynn posted: ” We have had unlikely farm dogs. We had Windsor for > eighteen years. He was completely devoted to the children. He also peed > on the kitchen floor every day of his life. Our greyhound, Bumble, was a > great family dog. He lounged on his reclining lawn” >

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      I will message her! We have a family vacation coming up and then we will start looking.

  4. debweeks says:

    When I was planning out my future farm, my plans included a Great Pyrenees. They stay on alert and take their jobs very seriously. With that said, there are many other great farm dogs, but the GP would be my first choice hands down.

  5. Living in the city I had my Rottweiler for 9 years (adopted at age 5, she passed at 14) and Daisy was the coolest dog ever. They are great in the city because a) people don’t mess with a Rottie even if, like mine, all she wants to do is lean on you and get a scratch, and b) they don’t need a lot of space. Daisy slept on the sofa (lap dog style) every day of her life, and while she liked going for walks/hikes/beach trips, she was totally fine chilling out at home while I was at work. We have a Mastiff now in the city and she’s fantastic as well, never leaving my side and very good with our 4 ducks (they bully her, unfortunately), although she farts and snores like an old man 🙂

    Highly recommend adopting older dogs – puppies will always find homes in shelters but many older dogs die in shelters or get euthanized because everyone wants a puppy.

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      I love both those breeds. A Mastiff would be great. Thank you for the suggestions!

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