Farmgirl Time; the beauty of old clocks


I love old clocks.  I love that there are no obnoxious light up, LED, plugged in clocks messing with my natural rhythms and using up electricity.  Old clocks have a steady pulse to them, a heartbeat, an ongoing dance of time so long as you remember to wind them.


I have always loved clocks.  I always wanted a cuckoo clock.  We stayed with a couple in Kansas one weekend whose home was filled with old clocks.  I loved the top of the hour when they all sang and then returned to gentle ticking, methodical and calming.

clockKat’s father repaired and collected clocks.  Rod’s home is filled with them.  I am the grateful owner of three of them.  Kat gave me a cuckoo clock for my birthday many years ago and I still adore it.

The grandfather clock came from their son, Rodney’s home, I only needed to get it repaired, which I with great joy.  It has a lunar face set to the new and full moon cycles, effectively telling me when to make my medicines and when they are complete.


This old wind up alarm clock is quirky, loud, and fun.  It pleases me.  We never have the alarm on!

Even though farm time goes more with the seasons and natural progressions of the day, if I do want to know what time it is, all I have to do is listen and the clocks will tell me.  All in good time.


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  1. John Wayne Peck says:

    I thought I’d look on Facebook for old clocks and your photos of some old clocks showed up.
    For some reason I like old clocks always did. I really haven’t any . I have only one grandmother standing wind up clock. I love the sound of clocks. I’m getting myself . I’ll be 69 this coming May.
    Where can I find old clocks.
    Love looking at them.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Since mine were given to me by friends, I am not sure. I am certain that ebay or antique stores would have some finds. If you live in Colorado, let me know. My friend is moving soon and he may have some of his clocks to sell. I love them too. There is something about the gentle ticking that matches our pulse, their gay faces, and their folk art addition to the home that makes them so enchanting.

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