The Farmhouse Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, is it not?  Where sustenance and love culminates into family around the table, friends clinking glasses, the quiet of morning coffee, and the gentle stirring of a pot of something delicious.  This is the largest kitchen I have ever had and it is just wonderful.  Even more wonderful, I didn’t have to do anything to it!  I love the color and the punched tin back splash is something I would have chosen myself.  The twinkly lights and festive grape vine lights replace the harsh overhead lighting (when I’m not taking pictures).  I will never opt for overhead lighting if I can help it!  I also removed the curtains.


We scored this sign last week and couldn’t believe our luck.


In these old houses the washer hook up is in the kitchen.  That seems quite reasonable to me.  Doug will be putting up a clothes line for me today!


My apron collection hangs primly around the pantry.  The sign was a gift from a student.  It is a lovely reminder that dreams do come true.

The children’s knick knacks that they created during their childhood surround the sink along with Maryjane’s miniature coffee cups for when she sleeps over.


Plenty of counter space, beautiful gifts from friends, and years to come of precious memories and delicious food.  Sláinte!

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  1. Auntie Karen says:

    Very nice Katie…enjoy your new home!!

  2. Oh my it looks wonderful, I’m so happy for you! My friend called her house Tsalta, at last! For some, including you this is so appropriate! Sláinte!

  3. The kitchen is and should be the heart of the home, love this.

  4. debweeks says:

    How nice that you are enjoying your kitchen so much. It is certainly one of the most important rooms in the house and while we were on our home search, the kitchen was a high priority for me.
    We have a similar backsplash in our new home. I’m not so fond of it, but probably because the installation is very shoddy and it really doesn’t go with the granite countertops or flooring. It just looks out of place. As such, there is work to do in my kitchen, but there is much I love about it as well. For a matter-of-fact, I like it more than my old kitchen, even if it needs some redecorating 🙂
    I look forward to seeing your new home on our next trip thru Colorado.

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