The Many Uses of Lavender


Lavender has so many lovely uses, many that you may not be aware of.  Lavender easily grows in a pot on the porch.  Opt for English lavender.  Folks do tend to only think of French lavender which is astounding with its single stems and fields of purple waves but French just won’t stand up in our climate.  English lavender develops a nice woody base and with a good straw covering will survive in winter if planted in the garden.

Lavender is wonderful in food.  Add it to thyme, oregano, or basil when preparing dishes.  It also makes a very nice tea.  Blend it with any black tea, Earl Grey is nice, or a green tea with lemon and lavender is unique and refreshing.  Lavender boiled with simple syrup to make lavender lemonade is astounding.

Medicinally lavender works in many ways.  It is a mild nervine, or pain reliever.  It levels out stronger nervines like skullcap, valerian, or California poppies.  It won’t work on its own for pain, but is a great supporting actor.  It also helps with stomach upset along with lemon balm and mint.

It is a star in healing emotional issues.  Just think about smelling or seeing lavender.  It instantly improves mood.  It does that internally as well.  It is used with hawthorn, St. John’s Wort, and roses for severe depression.  By itself it can lighten one’s spirits and helps heal heartbreak.

It can be added to smudge herbs to help infuse love and positivity into a space.

The essential oil can be used topically (never ingest essential oils, not even multi-marketing ones!) directly on wounds or bug bites.  Put on pimples to make them vanish. Use with aloe on a burn.

Lavender has many helpful uses.  If you pick up a plant from the nursery today you will have your own lavender medicine at the ready!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I LOVE lavender and use it in my soap quite often.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      I love rose and lavender together. Heaven!

  2. I love lavender, too! I’m growing it in my garden outside and it grows back just fine every year.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      It is wonderful!

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