Under Streetlamps

street lamp

It was his last day closing.  It was such a lovely night he opted to walk.  “I’ll meet you half way,” I replied.

I stopped at the bridge that passed over the bike trail and stream and looked over trying to glimpse ducks swimming in the moonlight.  The city stars shone overhead.  I was warm in my lavender brocade coat and handkerchief about my head.  As he approached me on the bridge he noted, “Well this feels very French.”  He embraced me and kissed me beneath the vintage looking street lamp.  We stayed there for a moment lost in the early spring evening and near each other.

We weren’t tired so we walked to the grocery to gather some fruit for the morning.  The streets were light on traffic and no one else seemed to be out as we walked in the dark hand in hand carrying our treasures home.

We so enjoy being able to walk everywhere.  We have always walked.  We walked over Parker when we lived there and now again on our return.  We walked all over Elizabeth.  We walked all around Kiowa (a pretty short walk!).  In Calhan we felt a restlessness not being able to walk anywhere.  The fences blocked our paths even though there were miles of open prairies and ranches.

Perhaps an urban farm is in our future.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. juliepullum says:

    It’s nice walking when the weather is good and Doug is right it sounds very French!

    1. Farmgirl says:

      It was the calm before the storm! Snow tomorrow!

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