The Job to Make a Dream

After our farm dream temporarily came to a halt (which ended up being a very good thing as gigantic windmills were installed across the street looming over the farm, the propane tank accidentally blew up, and the distance and dream were just not quite right…hind sight…a very good thing indeed.  Sometimes we have to be assisted out of the wrong path and placed in the right path rather forcefully) Doug dutifully went back to work as I opened the shop so that we could get back on our feet.  There were no IT jobs to be had at the time and the company that returned his call and interviewed him was at a large corporate coffee shop.  He had experience working at our local coffee shop and it seemed a perfect job for him.  However living on just a bit over minimum wage was proving to be frustrating for the work involved.  He wasn’t happy.

A few weeks ago my cousin was rounding up our old pool team to start in the spring and Doug got on the phone with one of those friends, who I believe Doug has known since birth as their dads have played cards together for some odd fifty years.  He owns an IT company.  He has been wanting Doug to work for him forever but we couldn’t get a hold of him last year and he didn’t know what had happened with us, and the timing just wasn’t right.  Doug promised his company six months.  It is now six months, his notice is in, and Doug will be working back in the field he really knows and thrives in.

He will be making a decent wage and the dream of buying our own farm (the size of said farm…urban or rural is still questionable) is back in motion…save, save, save.  I love watching this saga unfold.


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  1. papersmiles2015 says:

    Congrats to Doug and am so happy for him. Yeppers, stuffing that money in the old “coffee can” is an excellent plan….grinning. Turns out that the gods knew what they were doing when they nudged you toward a new dream. You’re on your way.


    1. Katie Lynn says:

      It’s always nice to have hope and watch things work out!

  2. debweeks says:

    I wish you and Doug all the best as you work toward your farm goal once again.

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      And yours as well!

  3. Ed Sandoval says:

    I’m glad to see you and Doug begin to prosper. Life gets better, donut?

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      Better with donuts too! 😉

  4. juliepullum says:

    Everything’s better with doughnuts! Happy news! 😊

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