The Bronco Contract


It is a little known fact that when one enters the world via a hospital in the beautiful Mile High City or surrounds one does so promise to adore and aptly cheer for the Denver Broncos.  It is the escape from the mundane work week and a piece of our genetic makeup.  Its highs and lows are taken quite seriously here in Bronco country.

With tens of thousands of new folks flocking to our magnificent state, not by covered wagon, but by way of moving vans full, it is expected that more and more rival team goers will be in our midst.  They, of course, will be jovially sneered and expected to convert.

For one does not grow up with the likes of John Elway as the local quarterback and not feel a bit of privilege and smugness.  Manning, himself, a miraculous image in my mind, as at times I hobble up the stairs to my apartment with my bum knee, and the great Manning is only two years younger than I nimbly and fiercely playing ball.

And so it is my duty as a native and loyal Coloradoan to proclaim….GO BRONCOS!

(and even if the dust settles tomorrow and for some odd reason we lost the great battle, Bronco fans everywhere will hold their heads up high and proclaim once again….GO. Broncos.)

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