The Winter Laundresses

For all you fellow homesteaders out there braving the elements to get fresh clothes on the line in all weather, especially post-snow storm, I salute you.  May summer come round real quick.  In the name of hypothermia, I do believe the other two loads can wait until tomorrow!

A glass of wine, sage and white bean soup, homemade bread, and an eve of Bing Crosby crooning those lovely Christmas songs are in order.

The homesteading life is sweet.

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  1. juliepullum says:

    Do you get any dry in the snow? There is no way I would do washing in that weather! We would have to stay dirty like the peasants during Tudor times! I have airers indoors which is not good from the damp point of view but it’s been mild and wet here since October with only rare days to get a good drying day, then I do load after load! As you know it’s one of my things to have them all line drying on a bright windy day! Oh Spring, come soon!

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      It takes about two hours in the summer and two days in the winter but they do get dry! It is so terribly dry here that any moisture in the house is a blessing! I left a load in the washer this morning. Not motivated to get the last load to the line at dawn this morning. Too, too cold!

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