Farmgirl School Turns Three

Last week Farmgirl School celebrated its third birthday.  I have been writing this blog for over three years.  It is amazing to think how much has happened in that span of time.  Doug and I became farmers.  We learned how to milk goats, care for chickens, watched Maryjane ride the sheep, chased ducks, grew veggies like crazy, chopped wood, canned, preserved, and made a good go at homesteading.


I have never been what you would call a private person.  Can a writer actually be?  So you also followed along as we raised three teenagers and became grandparents, our greatest honor to date.  We became homeless.  You cried with us and supported us.  You cheered as we opened a new shop and got our verve back.


Today I register for school.  I will continue learning.  I do not know where that path will lead me.  I do not know what path we are on.  I am praying it is leading us to some land where we can build a little house.  Maryjane wants sheep for Christmas.  I sure hope Santa sends me a place to have them!


This next year in Farmgirl School ought to be really interesting!  I look forward to seeing it unfold!

Here are some of the stats.  They make a writer’s heart very grateful.

90,714 people have viewed this blog from over 100 countries.  Y’all were most interested in “10 Things You Should Know Before Moving to the Country” and “How Much Does it Cost to Have a Farm Animal.”  Closely followed by “How to Make Choke Cherry Wine” and “A Visit to an Amish Home.”  We all seem to be on the same page.  Thanks for sticking around!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda says:

    I have looked forward to reading your many posts I can’t wait to see your new store this coming summer on one of my trips!

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      I can’t wait to see you!

  2. housewifexhouselife says:

    Congratulations on three years and your decision to go back to school! I have been recently introduced to the life of homesteading. As someone who is still in school and working, I’m interested in how homesteading will work with my schedule. I will definitely be staying tuned. If this is something I think I can tackle, when we look at houses, I’ll pay more attention to land and zoning and stuff. ^.^

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      There are so many levels of homesteading. Can a dozen jars of jam next summer or get a few chickens. We had a busy shop when I first started writing. We now have a store again but I intend to get back on some land! Good luck and most of all, have fun!

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