Glittering Grace


” Across the plains of glittering grace,

behold Winter’s beautiful face”

“…But all along the Rockies you can feel it in the air
From Telluride to Boulder down below
The closest thing to heaven on this planet anywhere
Is a quiet Christmas morning in the Colorado snow…” Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

“Country Roads Take Me Home…” John Denver

The deer pictures were taken from my front door.  The rest were taken driving to see our daughter.  Colorado is certainly a beautiful place to live and we are lucky to see all the seasons in all their glory.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Edith says:

    What gorgeous scenery; those snow-covered trees are simply breathtaking!!

    1. Katie Lynn says:

      It was a gorgeous drive! It isn’t like that all year as most folks imagine Colorado being but once in awhile we get a beauty of a snowstorm! Where do you live?

      1. Edith says:

        I live in Ontario Canada – we typically get a LOT of snow hahaha

      2. Katie Lynn says:

        I bet it is beautiful!

      3. Edith says:

        Beautiful yes. Cold! Heck yes!!! Haha

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