A Love Story


It was a blustery morning that February day.  Two hundred and twenty brave and loving people came through a snow storm to be present at our wedding.  Since we had spent the night at the hotel we didn’t know there was a huge storm going on. Two hours later as everyone was leaving we wondered where everyone was going!  We had a beautiful ceremony where we promised to stay together through sickness and in heath, through richer and poorer, and in good times and bad.  We didn’t really know what that would be like.  We were just excited to be married.


We drove children to preschool, attended middle school plays, held crying children, raced fast children, encouraged their imaginations, watched them grow into young adults, cried happy tears at the sight of our granddaughter entering the world, and have kept each other laughing even in the worst of times.


For nearly six years, after Doug left his job and we moved to the country to be full time herbalists, we have spent almost twenty-four hours a day together, working together, living together, raising children together.  It is almost as if we circled back and started over.  He is working full time, often opposite shifts of my store being open, I watch that beautiful toddler four days a week.  We meet up and run off for “dates” whenever we can (we had a raucous time at the grocery store yesterday).


Would we do it again if we knew what those words meant?  So I asked my husband to marry me again.  And he said yes.  So next June (not risking a blizzard this time!) we will invite the very dearest to us to help us renew our vows and have a celebration to remember.  For the greatest thing in life is love.

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