Our New Home


We rambled up the long driveway in our old truck and took in the view of the alpaca farm down the hill and the glorious eastern horizon where the sunrises will glint down upon the plants and through the numerous trees that reside on his property.

“I really feel that the sage is here to welcome you,” he said.  I was struck and honored at his words.  The sage is prolific there.  It grows rampant this year among the many Cherokee roses.  The prickly pear and the mullein are all there.  Pines so tall they can recall when the Kiowa Indians roamed these hills and called them home.

The owner of this property is well respected, a friend of mine, who works in an emotionally challenging job helping the ill and passing.  He lives in this large home alone.  He needs help here.  It is a glorious home that holds the spirits of his parents that built it.  Sparkling ceilings and medicine bags in the foundations.  The property has a retreat-like property and vortexes abound.  It is a special place. We will live here for a year.  We will help him sort and get ready to let this beautiful house go as he moves on to his next journey next autumn.

In the meantime we will have acres of medicinal herbs and trees to use and protect.  Sunrises that greet us through the walk out basement doors.  Three more cats to add to our menagerie.  One of his chickens approached me in greeting.  A wood cook stove and wood stove to help supplement heat.  A kitchen upstairs for me to make sure everyone has sustenance.  I feel quite well received here among his mother’s things and the spirit of the house and land.  I found Doug in a recliner with one of the house cats on his lap.  I think we’ll be real happy here.

It is two miles from my shop so a brisk morning walk will take place each day but that, perhaps, is a part of the hidden blessings.  Since becoming homeless and losing everything three months ago we have been swimming several times with our granddaughter and friends, to Utah, to a winery, in an airplane, sang on our son’s album, have visited, and made friends.  We have dreamed, comforted, and become fiercely grateful for everything.  We are more flexible and need less.  We will be content with a bed and two chairs before a roaring fire as the snow drops silently outside the window upon the world of peace and quiet.  Cats curled up near us.  A table.  A bookshelf.  Cups of hot coffee.  That is all.  That is all we really need anyway.  Each other and an enjoyment of this life right here and now is what we’ll thrive on.

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  1. Cindy Kamberelis says:

    You sure do ride the roller coaster more than most

    1. Farmgirl says:

      You know, Cindy, I think mine is just more public. We lived a very “normal” suburban existence for the first nine years of our marriage. We rented a few houses and got conned by the last. We are just picking ourselves up now and finding ourselves in wonderful scenery now! I have been amazed at how many people have come forth and told me their stories, whether loss of spouse, or illness, or job loss that has made them lose nearly everything and start over. It is life, mine is just more in the public eye!

  2. Rachel says:

    Beautiful post, and here’s hoping that you’re settling into a peaceful time now!

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Thank you! You know this has been a fairly peaceful time for us. Once we accepted the fact that we didn’t have many material items left, and once we forgave the folks that had wronged us, we have been feeling very peaceful. I have found that one doesn’t need a home or an occupation or anything else to be at peace. Greatest lesson or us in this whole scheme. We are feeling good. This has been one of the best summers we have ever had!

      1. Rachel says:

        Seeing your resilience play out over the summer has been inspiring. You’re strong, you’re smart, and you’ve shown that when life kicks you and knocks you down, it’s possible to stand back up with grace!

      2. Farmgirl says:

        Thank you so much for those kind words!

  3. debweeks says:

    Suddenly I find myself singing . . . .

    I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down . . . .

    That describes your life so well. For a matter-of-fact, it describes my life pretty well too 🙂
    Yet your life and mine really aren’t that much different from so many others who have been knocked down only to pull themselves back up again.

    Now you move into the next part of your journey and I look forward to following along.

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