Becoming a Background Singer for My Favorite Singer


Another bucket list dream checked off.  I have wanted to share this for a long time but I had to wait for my son’s album to drop.  My bucket list dream was to be the waily girl in the background of an R&B album and it was made even better because it was my son’s album, “In None We Trust”.

singer 2

It was so amazing singing into a professional microphone and  hearing myself in the earphones.  I even got to be my own background singer.  I cannot contain my excitement over this.


My son’s first show is October 7th at the Pitstop in Denver.  My child is pursuing his dreams and no mama can be prouder than that.

I am the singer on track 1 and 3.  This album makes me want to dance.  Thanks for supporting an up and coming entertainer.

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