Lazy Days of Summer (a new experience for these farmers)

We’ll be getting a homestead soon.  Farmgirl school isn’t done.  In fact, it may be just getting revved up.  We have really been enjoying our summer.  We can’t remember the last time we had weekends and so much time in the summer sun to play and restore.  We’ll be soaking up every last bit of this season and saving it to memory.  Hope all of you reading this are having a relaxing, inspiring, and sunny summer.  Keep the good times rolling!

baby float

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  1. debweeks says:

    You certainly had a stressful start to summer, so I’m very happy to know you’ve enjoyed this time of the year.

    Our summer has been full of new adventures and we are anxious to see what the next year brings into our lives. Some big possibilities are on the horizon.

  2. juliepullum says:

    Well that sounds like good news, I will be watching this space!

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