Winds of Change


The warm wind blew around me foretelling a light rain to come.  The mosquitos lessened and took cover as I pulled bindweed and thistle.  I don’t know why I would be weeding a garden that I cannot harvest from but I looked down the other day and noticed my nails were clean.  The lines in my hands were free of earth.  I had to get back into the garden.  I pulled weeds and counted what was growing.  Rows and rows of crops are waving proudly in the prairie soil.  Plants growing heartily in the prairie without much amendment and among weeds and voles.  My goodness, I think I can say I have a green thumb now.  How easy it will be in the city.  I begin to cry.  The cows are lowing loudly to capture the attention of the males across the road and the owls sweep grandly from tree to tree and the wind carries on it the sweet smell of first cut hay drying in the sun.  The country holds a place in my heart that cannot be tethered.  But it is not meant to be for us now.


There are great opportunities in the city as well.  Wonderful folks to meet and wilder animals coming through from the mountains.  Its own beautiful scenery and friends to be found.  And seeds.  I can always plant seeds.  A message from a friend and I now understand.  It is sometimes hard to step off and go with the wind in a new direction but there is always a reason and the Creator knows where we are going in this sliver of time.  We just have to hold on to the tailwind and be on our way.


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  1. debweeks says:

    You cry because you’re leaving the country life. I cry because I’m not entering the country life.
    Yet we survive, we learn, we experience, and we grow.
    That, to me, is part of the circle of life.

  2. CAROL J BLANK says:

    I have empty plant container big and small ,would u like then to dig up some of your plants to take with u.?

    1. Farmgirl says:

      There is no where to put them yet! There are not established gardens there yet. Thank you though! I have some girl scouts (the same that helped me start the garden) coming Monday to dig up transplants for their own houses!

  3. Jennie says:

    can you transplant any of these to your new cottage? why do you have to leave the wood heater behind? if you bought it – cant you sell it or take it? I know of no renters contract that says you are required to leave upgrades from your pocket, you did so much work on that place. they should at least buy it off you. no court would make you leave it

    1. Farmgirl says:

      There are no gardens yet at the new house yet. Just a large u-shape driveway that we will turn into gardens. So, I cannot take much. I will take my trees and roses and herbs. Also there is a lot of wildlife so we need to fence off the place first or everything will just get eaten by deer. I put the wood stove on Craigslist but no one was interested. I have not written much of what is going on here because of who reads this. We have no where to put it or the ability to take it out. Much of our expense was incurred with installation and pipes. We really are at a disadvantage here and just need to leave.

      1. Jennie says:

        put it on craigslist again, you may get an offer. don’t give up. the fact that it was so cold you could see your own breathe made the home un-inhabitable. I would contact a housing authority and see about getting prorated rent back for not having proper heating and having to buy a heater yourself.

  4. juliepullum says:

    I think I’ve started a trend! You’re just too nice, it makes me cry to think of you crying. As you say, it will all be fine! If I’d won on the premium bonds whilst I was on holiday I would have paid the rent! But now you just need to draw a line under this time and move, chin up!

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