The Portable Garden


I have written about gardening in pots before.  I love them and I know how handy they can be.  A half bag of potting soil, a reclaimed three or five gallon bucket (they give them away for free at the bakery counter in grocery stores) with a few holes drilled in the bottom, and a packet of seeds is all you need.


The sides protect the seeds from being blown away.  Birds and other seed lovers don’t seem to find the loose seeds in a pot.  Water each day if dry a few inches down.  When our friend called and warned us about the hail storm’s imminent arrival we were able to cover the pots.  They were the only thing not shredded!  They could have been brought inside if necessary!  They can be moved into more sun, less sun, or indoors for winter.  Shyanne and I enjoyed a delicious salad for lunch the other day of fresh oak leaf, baby kale, Swiss chard, spinach, and radishes.  A moveable feast!

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  1. April Mwf says:

    I love gardening in pots. I’m selling my house, and I’m not willing to leave my veggies behind! It will work out well when the time comes. It’s true what you say: the animals don’t seem to mess with seeds or seedlings in pots, except a chipmunk made off with one of my baby butternut squash early in the season. Other than that, I’ve had no insects or rodents messing with my goods. Knock on wood…

    1. Farmgirl says:

      I will just bring my salad bar with me when we move! Best part of buckets! Happy planting!

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