The Journey of Color and Life

Can I be everything?  Can I recognize the ribbons of similarity running through each divine celebration and realize they are all intertwined and so similar that our entire life is a joyous journey overlooked by the Divine?  Can I be Amish and Catholic and Jewish and Messianic and Methodist?  Can I be Buddhist and Hindu and Wiccan and myself?  Can I celebrate Hanukkah, and Beltane, and Christmas too?


Love God, Love ourselves.  Are those not our only commandments?  Those can certainly be taken from meditation to maypole.  Those that use their books of designated scripture to pick out what they wish and translate it how they wish, to feel pity on others and make themselves feel better are sadly stuck in chains.  That the One created all people and traditions and colors and life is bigger than we can fathom.  I breathe in the excitement of all this.


I love all people to a point of heartbreak sometimes.  I love to read about different cultures, different foods, different religious celebrations, different lives, and the knowledge that our lives are all simply intertwined in much bigger forces makes us all one enormous family.


Just as I am Irish, English, Scottish, Dutch, Cherokee, German, Black French, and who knows what else, I am every religion too as I embrace the ways the world celebrates.  I have had amazing physical healings, have seen miracles beyond description, and my faith is deeply rooted.  I am as comfortable in an American Indian ceremony as I am going to confession as I am remembering my loved ones at Samhain.  So many beautiful traditions and ways to worship.  The world is not black and white but rather grey.  No, not even grey, but a kaleidoscope of color.  Celebrate.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Such a true, beautiful post. I come from a family where things are black and white. What their pastor teaches them at church is the absolute truth – there’s no other room for interpretation. My problem is that I don’t see faith, or life, that way. There are a multitude of colors in life and in the faith world, so why cling to what’s black or white? I’m a mix of a lot of Christian religions these days. I belong to a particular denomination, but i’m influenced by many other beliefs and faiths. My mom, who has been around that close-mindedness her whole life, is slowly starting to embrace a broader way of thinking, too, and it’s beautiful to watch.

    Be your own amazing self! And I’d love to talk to you about the American Indian ceremonies because I’m truly interested in native religions.

    Thanks for such an excellent post.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Thank you. It was something on my mind!

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