A Pirate Turns 22

Of course my world revolved around him.  How could it not?  That smile captured me, that little face, that personality shining through from the beginning.


He was a great lover of animals and would cry if someone gave him meat.  He thought himself a wolf and ran around with my wolf howling and peeing on trees, howling at sirens, and barking at strangers.  He loved Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee and wore his karate belt (often without anything else on) when he was very small.


Every Saturday night he and I would have a dance and he would have me call the radio station to request his favorite song, “Brick House.”  But he thought it was called “Big Cow” and would sing the lyrics that way.  Still to this day Doug and I cannot hear that song without singing, “She’s a Big…Cow…she’s mighty mighty…”

We sat on the porch eating cookies and watching the sunsets.  We went on hikes all the time and he became a great admirer of nature.  He loved music and instruments and his sisters and was the most fascinating little boy.


As he got older he self studied many topics and thought himself a pirate for a time.  He led Shyanne and Emily on many grand adventures.  He is a compassionate, heartfelt, and talented man.

I am proud of his accomplishments because those are what he set out to do, but what I am really proud of is that he is a faithful friend, a loving uncle, a protective brother, a strong willed, beautiful person, and a great son.

andy and bree

Happy 22nd Birthday to my Andy. Dad and I love you immensely.

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