Music Returns to the Homestead

I received something for my birthday today that I have wanted for some time.. music.


When we downsized to this little homestead I sold the piano, the violin, and the mandolin.  Andy took his electric guitar, his acoustic guitar, his banjo, and the harmonica.  It was terrible.

Now, mind you, I probably would not have set down to play the piano since we moved in, nor would I have had it tuned.  The violin hurt my shoulder, and Doug was never really into the mandolin.  The children moved out and took their music with them leaving our home very quiet indeed.

andy guitar

I am not a natural musician like my Andy.  He was playing seven instruments and writing songs when he was very young with very few lessons.  I played the piano for twenty years and if any time lapsed at all I wouldn’t be able to play a single song by memory.  At the end of a year of violin lessons I played at the Celtic Festival.  Not very well, but good enough!  The violin and the piano are really loud when one is learning and making mistakes and I am afraid I was too concerned over the neighborhood hearing my screeching and pounding practices.  Oh, my poor husband.  Yes, I did not need any instruments.  Until they were gone.

I took my mother’s guitar to seventh grade to take some guitar lessons.  I took my son’s guitar to college for that semester of lessons.  But then I gave the guitars back.  Maryjane and I have been watching a lot of Sound of Music.  She demands to watch it every day.  It occurred to me that I could play the guitar.  I have ten acres plus hundreds more of listening birds and frogs.  The strings are quieter.  I could have music.  I would learn this time!  I could get a book and it should all come back to me.  I could be the opener for the band I hired to play at the farm after the Homesteading Boot Camp!  I could play at our Pumpkin Festival!

But alas, we are on a tight farm budget.  There is no extra for guitars.

My husband, Doug, has been saving money without my knowing.  And this morning I woke to this beautiful guitar.

Music has returned.

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  1. Liza says:

    Happy Birthday!! May it be blessed with new music 🙂

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Thank you! You can hear me play at the Pumpkin Festival! 🙂

  2. juliepullum says:

    What a wonderful birthday surprise, you’ll be duetting with Maryjane before you know it…. ‘The hills are alive…’ 😊

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Indeed! I am channeling Julie Andrews today!

  3. Danean Causby says:

    Happy Birthday to you!
    I tried the guitar when I was a teen, but it was too confusing being left handed. My husband plays guitar and the drums.
    Have a blessed day~D.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      My son is left handed too. He had a guitar specifically for him. Perhaps you might try again! How is the move going?

  4. Anjmacz says:

    Today was the first day in a long time I have been able to pick up my own guitar. When you have been without music for awhile nothing is more grand than to get it back. Im not sure how far the sound echoes down the mountain but until someone says something I will try to imagine only the birds and my own animals can hear me… at least until I get back into practice.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      I bet the music is beautiful. Play on!

  5. Bill says:

    First of all, happy birthday!

    Secondly, yay for music on the homestead! I’m not musically gifted (to say the least), but several years ago I decided to try to learn guitar. Now a few minutes with the guitar is part of my post-lunch siesta every day. When I got it I worried that it might be a foolish expense, but now I believe it was a wise purchase.

    My bet is that your guitar will bring much happiness and joy to your place!

    1. Farmgirl says:

      I think so, too, Bill! I needed to not have any instruments around to really appreciate it. It doesn’t matter if I am a brilliant musician, that is not the point! I like the idea of the post lunch jam. Perhaps one day we will play together!

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