A Shed of One’s Own


This has been the year of inspiration for me.  I am passionately fired up and fueled by inspiration and sheer joy right now.  This beautiful homestead and all its capabilities, a new place to call home, meeting new people, closing one side of our business and building the other, I am dreaming, and notebooks are filling up with ideas to incorporate this year.  I am writing two books, my classes are filling up, and my seeds are arriving in the mail.  And I am looking at sheds.

off on our own

In the book I told you about called “Off on our Own,” by Ted Carns, he had built several sheds over the years on his property to hold tools, one that acted as a library, even a chapel.

The tiny house craze has certainly been an inspiration as well.

On one of our trips to New Mexico we toured a very old hacienda that was the blueprint of our dream home.  Each room stood side by side in a square all facing an inner courtyard.  Each room led outside to the courtyard.  The rooms consisted of bedrooms, a rough kitchen, a fiber room, and a chapel.


Doug came up with the idea.  We could use sheds to create our little hacienda.  We will have one that is a bedroom, either for ourselves or as a guest room for friends, children, or interns.  We will have one that is an art studio so that I have a place to stretch out and not worry about kitties running across wet paint.  We will have one that is a sitting room, maybe complete with a small wood stove for sitting and dreaming quietly, with a wall of books nearby.  We will have one with a chapel.  A place to pray, reflect, light a candle, a place where visitors can say their graces and feel healed upon this magical land that we have encountered.  We could even put up a shed with a composting toilet.  These sheds would be in a U shape with the courtyard in front complete with a high enough fence that an owl won’t take off with the kitties should they want to take a field trip to the hacienda.  The view would look out across the mountain range.  The combination of city lights and stellar stars would be a magical place in the summer.  We could be close to the chickens, goats, and lambs to ward off predators, and we would have a place for visitors or give the visitors the house and we’ll stay in our shed hacienda seasonally.


There are no zoning laws or permits required for a shed.  A shed could be built with found materials with friends for little money or one could purchase one of the darling ready made sheds complete with windows and a front porch.  We will probably seek assistance and build our own, unless we come into a bit of money, then we’ll go shopping!  We will face our shed hacienda to the west so we have this view.


What are you inspired to do this year?

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  1. Mark Pearce says:

    “What are you inspired to do this year?”

    Visit your hacienda.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Looking forward to it!

  2. Bill says:

    Your vision sounds beautiful. May it be so.

    I’m becoming trapped in busyness and routine. What am I inspired to do this year? Dream more.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      And may those dreams come true!

  3. farmerkhaiti says:

    I’m planning to take over our old house as my own space, your vivacious excitement is fuelig my fire for this even more! I’ thrilled to absorb your happiness, congratulations on all of your dreams evolving and continuing to come true!

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Thank you so much! I am rooting for you as well!

  4. emmita33 says:

    thanks for your post! loved it! we are just starting our farm and considering ways to live on the land. county codes are strict here. i am curious about the sheds! let us know how they go as ideas and plans develop!

    1. Farmgirl says:

      I hope I can get them built. I have so many ideas and finite resources but how fun they will be! I’d like to see yours too! We’ll all start a shed revolution!

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