How to Crochet Fingerless Gloves (easy pattern!)


It is Emily’s birthday Thursday and I wanted to crochet her something along with a regular gift.  I couldn’t decide what.  Since we girls all crochet, we have a bunch of scarves, hats, and gifts from others.  I thought about leg warmers or boot cuffs then I looked down at my own hands.  My good friend, Lisa, knitted me some fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm while I type in the early morning chill.  They are great.  I love them!  So, I thought I would make Mims some too.

Thicker yarn comes together quickly but produces a more bulky (but possibly warmer) glove, and thinner yarn takes forever (my patience is staggering) so I used a medium thick yarn in a lovely coral color.  I a crochet hook that looked like the right hole size for the job, not too big, not too small.  As you may notice, I wing a lot of stuff.  And really, you can’t mess it up.  You can always pull it out.  But have fun choosing the color and feel of your yarn and find a hook that holds that yarn easily and feels good in your hand.  This is unconventional information.  If the gals at knitting club heard me say this I would certainly get a tisk, tisk.


Chain 14.  Turn.  Double crochet in the third hole and continue across.  (should have 12)

Turn.  Chain 3.  Triple crochet in all the holes across.  (making sure you have 12)

Continue for 7 rows. (total of 9)  Or test it by placing your hand on the square and seeing if when folded that it covers both sides of your hand, not including the thumb.

Slip crochet hook into top hole, grab yarn with hook, and pull through.  Continue down the row 5 holes.

Chain 3.  Triple crochet in next seven holes to end.  Turn.

Chain 3. Triple crochet two more rows.  (Total of 3)  Knot.

Fold piece together and sew up with yarn, folding the thumb to meet the longer side.

Triple crochet in each of the holes along bottom of glove to create a cuff.


I gave them to Emily early.  It only took me one knitting group meeting to make them and she was there so I just handed her to them because I cannot keep secrets, particularly gifts.  She drives my big truck that doesn’t open without rolling down the window.  She drives every day to take Bret to school and then to work.  I figured these would be a cute way to keep her hands warm while still being able to finagle the carseat and radio!


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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I’m definitely going to try to make these.

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